Wednesday July 15th 2020

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The Coming Great Deceiver

Source: Art Sadlier, Monday March 8th 2010

Islam has a system of eschatology; the central figure in Islam’s end time expectations is the Mahdi. His full name is Al Mahdi Al-Muntadar = “The awaited Saviour”. The Mahdi is the universal Muslim hope of both Suni and Shiah.

Israel also is awaiting a saviour, the Messiah. There is a striking similarity between the expectations of the saviour that both Islam and Israel are waiting for.

Israel is awaiting the Messiah to come and bring peace and prosperity, but scripture tells us that Israel will be deceived by a counterfeit Messiah. Jesus told about that counterfeit in John 5:43, “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another come in his own name, him ye will receive.”

Some day, perhaps soon, Antichrist will come and bring Israel a false peace and prosperity. Israel will be deceived into receiving him as their long promised and awaited Messiah.

Some day, simutaeiously, Mahdi will come and bring to Islam there long awaited world kingdom.

I suggest to you that the Mahdi of Islam and the counterfeit Messiah of Israel will be one and the same person, the Antichrist out of the Revived Roman Empire.

This would seem to be the only possible way that a peace treaty could be agreed upon by Islam and Israel.

It is fascinating to understand Islam’s expectations of the Mahdi, there is striking similarity to the person and program of Antichrist. The explaniation is found in the fact Muhammad had been exposed to Judaism.

Here is the Muslim expectations of the coming Mahdi.

1. An unparalleled political, military and religious world leader. (That’s antichrist)

2. He will be revealed after a period of great turmoil and suffering on earth. (That’s today)

3. He establishes justice throughout the world. (That’s the program of both the Messiah and the Mahdi)

4. He will lead a revolution to establish a new world order.  (that is Antichrist)

5. He will go to war against all nations who oppose him. ( That’s the common expectation of both Islam and Israel and it is what scripture says antichrist will do see Rev. 13:7)

6. He will make a 7 year peace treaty with a Jew of priestly lineage. (That’s the preconditioning of Islam, to welcome Antichrist’s peace treaty between themselves and Israel)

7. The Mahdi conquers Israel for Islam and leads the final battle against the Jews. (That’s why Islam will welcome the peace treaty)

8. Rules for 7 years in Jerusalem.

9. Causes Islam to be the only religion practiced on earth.

10. Has power from Allah over wind and rains and crops. (that’s antichrist’s signs and wonders)

11. He will posses and distribute great wealth. (Dan. 11:38)

12. His face will shine like a star and he will be loved of all people. (That’s antichrists description)

The above expectations of Islam has no scriptural authority but rather manifests Satan‘s deception based on his knowledge of scripture, Satan reads the bible.

The obvious is that both Israel and Islam are being prepared for the moment when Antichrist will be revealed. The incredible hatred of Islam for Israel today would lead us to believe that a peace treaty is impossible, suddenly the impossible will happen.