Saturday May 30th 2020

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Let the Headlines Speak

Source: From the Internet, Tuesday April 7th 2020

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Please read these news items with discernment. We do not endorse or verify these news items, we simply present them as news reports.

Passover Eve: All of Israel to Fall Under Full Curfew for First time Since 10 Plagues
On Passover night, all Jews in Egypt were on lockdown because of the plague of the First Born. In fact, the very term Passover – meant that the plague Passed Over the Jewish households. This year too, the nation of Israel will all be in total lock-down.

Rockets land near Halliburton oil site in Iraq’s Basra
Rockets landed near a site managed by US oil company Halliburton and state-run businesses in Iraq’s southern city of Basra early on Monday, without causing damage or casualties, industry and police sources said. Police said that three Katyusha rockets landed near the sites at the Burjesia residential and operations headquarters west of Basra at about 3am local time.

SE Europe Crop Loss: Coldest April Morning in a Decade arrives during Key Blossoming Stage
Regions of SE Europe experienced their coldest April mornings for a decade on Thurs, April 2, just as vineyards and orchards entered crucial blossoming stages. According to and, large parts of SE Europe have experienced almost 100% damage.

Super Rare Spring Snow Blankets Large Swathes of Central and Northern Greece
many parts of northern and central Greece are currently blanketed “by a thick white blanket of snow, a highly unusual occurrence in April.” The rare April flurries arrived on Thursday, 2nd and persisted right though the weekend of the 4th and 5th. Instead of flowers and bees, reads the article, millions of Greeks instead continue to see snow-covered landscapes reminiscent of Christmas.

France Donates Four Deadly Battle-Ships to Hezbollah
Four French frigates entered Lebanese docks on Tuesday, March 24th. According to a report by Al-Joumhouria, the ‘sophisticated’ French frigates are being ‘gifted’ to the Lebanese Military and will be joining the navy. The Lebanese government, and hence its military are fully controlled by Hezbollah and the terror organization’s allies.

Austria could start loosening virus lockdown from April 14
Austria could start easing its coronavirus lockdown measures from next week, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said Monday, but warned that this depended on citizens abiding by social distancing rules.

Busy hurricane season predicted for SC
The AccuWeather forecast released Wednesday comes two months before the Atlantic season actually begins June 1, giving a long-range reading of climate signals at the earliest stage they can be relied upon at all. AccuWeather meteorologist Dan Kottlowski called for: 14 to 18 tropical storms. 7 to 9 becoming hurricanes. 2 to 4 becoming major or devastatingly powerful hurricanes with winds stronger than 110 mph.

Cyclone Harold updates: Storm makes landfall on Vanuatu’s Santo
Cyclone Harold, the most powerful storm in the Pacific in at least two years, has made landfall on the Vanuatu island of Santo, with winds gusting as high as 235km/h.

US airstrikes kill 8 Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in Somalia
The U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) carried out three separate strikes against members of the Al-Shabaab terror group on Sunday, killing eight members of the group. The three strikes took place near the city of Mubaraak, Somalia. AFRICOM detailed the strikes in an emailed statement to American Military News.

LGBT Activists Slam COVID-19 Aid – Because It’s Run By Christians
Almost immediately after the news began to spread that Samaritan’s Purse was setting up a field hospital, LGBT activists and progressive journalists began to condemn the humanitarian organization for being based on the very Biblical principles that spur their life-saving work.

Magnitude 4.4 earthquake shakes central Sierra Nevada towns
A magnitude 4.4 earthquake hit Northern California Sunday around noon. The quake happened around 12:20 p.m. in the Sierra Nevada near Toms Place, an unincorporated community in Mono County, and roughly 50 miles from Yosemite National Park, according to U.S. Geological Survey [USGS].

Israel’s Military Intelligence switches focus from Iran to coronavirus
Troops in Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate have refocused their research from enemies like Iran and Hezbollah to…coronavirus…When the virus took hold in Israel,officers and troops from the Military Intelligence Directorate’s Research Division and Unit 8200 opened a national coronavirus information center at Tel Hashomer Hospital to work with the Health Ministry in order to help stop the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus vaccine entering human trials after receiving FDA approval
A vaccine, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, designed to treat the disease caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), has entered into the human stages of testing after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved its application to begin trials under the classification of an Investigational New Drug program following promising results achieved during animal testing.

Stark photos show miles-long row of cars waiting outside a Florida food bank
Dramatic images from South Florida on Monday show a long line of cars backed up bumper to bumper on a roadway while motorists wait hours to get food from a food bank. A drone captured aerial shots of vehicles waiting in line in Sunrise, Florida, just northwest of Fort Lauderdale, on Monday. The motorists were waiting to receive food from Feeding South Florida, a food bank that relies on donations to feed the poor.

Inside the epic White House fight over hydroxychloroquine
The White House coronavirus task force had its biggest fight yet on Saturday, pitting economic adviser Peter Navarro against infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci. At issue: How enthusiastically should the White House tout the prospects of an antimalarial drug to fight COVID-19? This drama erupted into an epic Situation Room showdown.

Millennials, Burdened With Debt, Are Now Facing an Economic Crisis
The last time a serious economic downturn hit in 2008, Evan Schade was in high school and the crisis seemed like a news event that happened to other people. This time, as the coronavirus has brought the economy to its knees, it has become a personal affair. When nonessential businesses were closed last month…Schade, 26, lost his job at a carpet store and almost all of the shifts in his second job at a coffee shop.

Chernobyl radiation levels skyrocket as forest fires surround power plant
Forest fires near the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident in Chernobyl have seen radiation spike to 16 times its normal levels. Yegor Firsov, head of Ukraine’s state ecological inspection service, shared a video on Facebook on Sunday of a Geiger counter showing how the radiation at the centre of the fires is far higher than normal.

Japan declares coronavirus emergency, approves near $1 trillion stimulus
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday declared a state of emergency to fight new coronavirus infections in major population centres and unveiled a stimulus package he described as among the world’s biggest to soften the economic blow. The state of emergency…will last through May 6 and be imposed in the capital, Tokyo, and six other prefectures – accounting for about 44% of Japan’s population.

Libya’s war: Will new EU mission stop arms shipments?
When Joseph Borrell, the European Union’s diplomat-in-chief, announced the launch of Operation Irini last week, he noted: “Diplomacy cannot succeed unless it is backed by action.” Irini – Greek for “peace” – is the bloc’s latest attempt at stemming the flow of weapons to war-torn Libya, a country in chaos since longtime ruler Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in a NATO-backed uprising in 2011.