Monday June 1st 2020

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Waves of the Sea

Source: A.Sadlier, Friday February 21st 2020

Waves of the Sea

Somewhere, somehow out in the middle of the ocean a wave begins. It is caught by the wind and begins its journey to the shore a thousand miles away. Depending on the wind patterns it finally hits the shore with a gentle lapping murmur or with a thunderous roar. Its life is spent and it is no more and yet it is only one of thousands that had gone before or that would follow in its wake.

Life is like that; a generation is born and spends itself in trying to find meaning or satisfaction. It seeks to find some pleasure, purpose, recognition or glory. Individuals stand and walk upon the earth for just a brief moment of time and then like the waves of the sea they are gone. They are remembered by the next generation and then the memory of them vanishes from the earth.

Like waves of the sea men and women roll across the brief pages of time and then they are gone from this earthly scene. They seem to be deceived into thinking life is for a long time and have no thought of that which follows this fleeting earthly scene.

My friend, we are all standing on the threshold of that which follows death. We prepare for every little detail of this life which is vanishing away like a shadow on the wall and yet we give no thought to eternal things.

Can I ask you the most important question that will ever fall on your ears in this life?

Where will you be five minutes after you die?

Loved ones will weep o’er my silent face. Dear ones will clasp me in sad embrace, Shadows and darkness will fill the place, Five minutes after I die.

Faces that sorrow I will not see, Voices that murmur will not reach me. But where, oh, where will my spirit be. Five minutes after I die.

Quickly the years of my life have flown, Gathering treasures I thought were my own,There I must reap from the seed I have sown, Five minutes after I die.

Naught to repair the good I lack, Fixed to the goal of my chosen track, No room to repent; no turning back, Five minutes after I die.

Now I can stifle convictions stirred, Now I can silence the voice oft heard, Then the fulfillment of God’ sure Word, Five minutes after I die.

Mated for aye with my chosen throng, Long is eternity, O so long, Then woe is me if my soul be wrong, Five minutes after I die.  

Oh, how foolhardy the word, but true…Passing the Saviour with death in view, Doing a deed I can ne’er undo, Five minutes after I die.

If I am flinging a fortune away, If I am wasting salvation’s day, “Just is my sentence,” my soul shall say, Five minutes after I die.

Thanks be to Jesus for pardon free, He paid my debt on Mount Calvary’s tree, Paradise gates will enfold even me, Five minutes after I die.

O marvellous grace that has rescued me, O Joyous moment when Jesus I see, O happy day when like Him I will be, Five minutes after I die.

God help you to choose! Your eternal state depends on your choice, you Dare not wait;You must choose now; It will be too late, Five minutes after you die.

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." Acts 4:12

"He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him." John 3:36