Saturday August 15th 2020

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Democrats are Now a Party of Total Anarchy

Source: WND - D. Kupelian, Wednesday October 16th 2019

I grew up just outside Washington, D.C., in Montgomery County, Maryland, one of the most affluent and super-progressive counties in the nation. How progressive? Montgomery County made national news years ago when it became one of the first places in America to enact transgender bathroom ordinances permitting men to frequent women’s public restrooms and vice versa.

Fast-forward to today, when formerly genteel upper-middleclass Montgomery County is again in the news, this time for its grisly rape epidemic – a crime spree literally supported and facilitated by the county's progressive government. In just a two-month period this past summer, eight different illegal aliens were arrested for a string of rapes and sexual assaults in this self-declared sanctuary county.

Here's what journalist Michelle Malkin, also a former resident, reported about today's "MS-13-infested Montgomery County":

"Thanks to treacherous, anti-ICE sanctuary policies that have festered since I moved away more than a decade ago, foreign sexual predators rule the streets with impunity." Regarding the current rape outbreak, she says: "The feds report that at least one suspect was released in defiance of an ICE detainer; two more allegedly gang-raped an 11-year-old girl; and another, accused of raping a 16-year-old girl at knifepoint, has fathered 10 children here (all now anchored here with birthright citizenship)."

Unfortunately, what has befallen my childhood hometown is reflected across the nation, where America's most beautiful cities from San Francisco to Seattle, all run by uber-progressive Democrats, have become crime-and-rat-infested hellholes. Anyone visiting these and many other cities today experiences total shock at what they encounter.

And yet, the scandalous state of America's top cities is just the tip of the iceberg, a small part of a much larger problem of ever-growing lawlessness being visited on America by the Democratic Party.

Full-on assault

The reality of the left's mysterious relationship with chaos and lawlessness is deep and wide-ranging. In truth, a full-on assault on the very laws – moral, legal, economic and scientific – that govern and protect every aspect of our lives is transforming America right before our eyes.

Consider these current trends:

* For almost three years, purveyors of the outrageous "Trump-Russia collusion hoax," arguably the worst political fraud in American history, turned every sacred legal principle of American jurisprudence on its head in attempts to overturn a free and fair presidential election. In the process, they corrupted the world's most respected intelligence and law enforcement agencies and destroyed their reputations for a generation. After a brief time-out, they are now reprising their attempted coup d'etat with the "Trump-Ukraine collusion hoax."

* Democratic presidential candidates, willing to do virtually anything to regain power next year, now insist incarcerated felons including mass-murdering terrorists should be allowed to vote. Sen. Bernie Sanders was asked specifically whether Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – convicted of planting pressure-cooker bombs filled with nails and ball bearings at the 2013 Boston Marathon, killing three people and wounding and maiming 280 others – should be allowed to vote. Sanders enthusiastically answered "Yes." "I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy," insisted Sanders. "Yes, even for terrible people, because once you start chipping away ... you’re running down a slippery slope. ... I do believe that even if they are in jail, they’re paying their price to society, but that should not take away their inherent American right to participate in our democracy."

* Democrats' astonishingly suicidal policy positions on illegal immigration – de facto open borders, the virtual elimination of border police including the outright dismantling of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the creation of "sanctuary" cities, counties and even states specifically intended to shield lawbreakers from law enforcement, the refusal to build border barriers no matter how urgent and lifesaving the need (candidate Beto O'Rourke idiotically said on camera he would tear down existing border walls), the invitation to essentially everyone in the world to come to America for free taxpayer-funded healthcare – all this is not merely immoral and insane. It is also literally impossible, and would quickly destroy America were the nation to pursue such policies. The hatred toward America underlying the left's immigration madness is nakedly revealed by the chant of anti-immigration activists: "No borders – No Wall – No USA at all."

* Law enforcement, from federal to local, is under relentless attack from the left. A string of outright "racist-cop" hoaxes – from Trayvon Martin to Ferguson – created the Black Lives Matter movement and today's ever-expanding indictment of all American cops as racist. The resulting "Ferguson Effect" has been a documented rise in violent crime in the nation’s largest cities – especially murders and shootings of black victims – as a result of officers backing off of proactive policing policies like "stop and frisk" after witnessing fellow cops' lives and families completely destroyed through career-ending public vilification, lawsuits and bogus prosecution for just doing their job.

* The left, thanks to billionaire activist George Soros, has been installing "social justice warrior" district attorneys across America, whose purposeful failure to prosecute crimes committed by minorities has caused a documented rise in crime rates. As Tucker Carlson reported on his Fox News program, "[Soros'] latest area of focus is criminal justice. From Texas to Philadelphia [and] the state of Virginia, Soros has reportedly spent millions of dollars backing candidates for district attorney, for prosecutor. Once elected, these candidates … have ended cash bail, treated felonies like misdemeanors, and sometimes ignored some crimes entirely."

* Socialism, the largely unspoken but correct label for Democrats' 2020 policies, is nothing less than grand theft on a societal scale. Schemes like the Green New Deal, a massive socialist transformation of the American economy, as well as reparations over slavery and even for homosexuals (Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill in June granting reparations for gay couples), so-called Universal Basic Income or UBI, Medicare for All (including all illegal aliens) and other Democrat plans would simultaneously steal Americans' wealth and cripple their productivity, turning this nation into a giant Venezuela.

* Democrats violate the laws of economics continuously, scheming to spend not just more money than America has, but more than the world has. The Green New Deal proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which every Democratic presidential candidate has signed on to, could cost as much as $93 trillion – about $600,000 per American household – says a study co-authored by the former director of the Congressional Budget Office.

How much is $93 trillion? Well, consider that back in January 2015, former Democratic Vice President Al Gore proposed spending $90 trillion to eliminate automobiles from all the world's major cities – to save the world from global warming. But as I explained in my November 2015 book "The Snapping of the American Mind": "The problem with Al Gore’s brilliant plan to eliminate the automobile’s fossil-fuel carbon footprint is that the gross world product for 2014 – that’s the combined gross national product of every country on the planet – was $77 trillion. So, Gore wants us to spend more money than the entire world earns annually to ban cars."

* Democrats want to break free not only of the constraints of the Constitution and sound moral and economic principles; they also want to liberate themselves from the laws of scientific reality. They deny the basic core biology of male and female and affirm the most outlandish fake-science, such as the existence of over 100 different genders, each requiring its own special, unpronounceable pronoun. Likewise they obediently insist, without evidence, that the earth will become uninhabitable in 12 years unless America adopts the radical Green New Deal. Sadly, they're also indoctrinating America's school kids, emotionalizing and traumatizing the next generation by scaring millions of children into believing they don't have long to live. All the while claiming to be "the party of science" and reviling all who oppose their lunacy as "anti-science bigots."

* Worse than all the foregoing, virtually every Democratic presidential candidate enthusiastically approves the killing – for any reason, or no reason – of American children right up to the moment of their birth at nine months, and in some cases even after the baby is born. They don't simply approve it. They celebrate abortion – or as they prefer to call it, "women's reproductive freedom" – a ghoulish euphemism for what in reality is pre-born child murder. Yet they insist it is the most enlightened human-rights achievement of our age, and if you disagree, you're immoral and bent on denying women their cherished constitutional rights.

What's really going on?

Clearly the left, including pretty much the entirety of the Democratic Party's national leadership and its presidential candidates, is now in outright rebellion against the laws of life itself – legal, moral, economic, religious and scientific.


Laws created by man – good laws, anyway – are based on largely self-evident moral law, God's law. Thus we make laws against stealing because it's wrong to steal, and we have laws against murder because murder is wrong, immoral, predatory and against God's law. And so on.

Thus, a nation has borders and fences and enacts laws against crossing over into that country without permission because it's obviously wrong, just as breaking into someone else's home to live there and eat their food – and perhaps rape their women – is obviously wrong. So we lock our doors and we guard our national borders.

These are all things second-graders can understand.

And yet, in seemingly every area of life, today's Democrats are stridently rebelling against the law because, in truth, underlying it all, they are rebelling against God's Law. In fact, on close examination it becomes evident that the left cannot operate or "progress" without breaking all of the Ten Commandments. (I explore this in my column, "How the left revels in violating the Ten Commandments.")

Violating and disregarding the law is not just something the left blindly does, as though it were stumbling into it. Rather, the left's very identity is tied up in ignoring the law – natural law, God's law, constitutional law, biological law, sound economics, and all the hard-won lessons of history. The law represents a higher standard than oneself and thus represents restraint. But the left doesn't acknowledge any higher standard than itself, nor does it tolerate any restraint, borders, limitations or prohibitions on itself – only on you. Lawlessness and rebellion, then, is the core identity of the radical left, which is obsessed with recreating the world in its own divine image and thus, in effect, rewriting the laws of life.

In short, the left is bent on playing God.

For the left to successfully undermine the established order and create a new one, an entirely new set of governing principles – a new version of core reality – has to be concocted and imposed on the rest of society. We're talking about bizarre new organizing principles, such as "identity politics," by which to determine right and wrong, just and unjust, fair and unfair, all meant to replace the self-evident truth, common sense and biblical morality with which earlier generations had to make do.

This is all madness, of course, but it's not idle madness. It's madness with a revolutionary purpose: to overthrow the existing order.

In the case of America, which however imperfect has been the happiest, most successful, prosperous, welcoming, creative, hopeful and free society in world history, the left – which includes all the top-tier 2020 Democratic presidential candidates – is obsessed with toppling it. Yes, toppling it. Toppling the Judeo-Christian culture that has long comprised America's moral and legal foundation. Toppling our nation's brilliant, uniquely wise and enlightened Constitution and the system of government for which it serves as blueprint. Toppling America's economic and military might that, when combined with this nation's uniquely altruistic outlook, have allowed us not only to feed the world, but to literally save country after country (like Japan and Germany after WWII) from their own madness. The Democratic presidential candidates would, like Obama before them, work around the clock to topple all these foundations of genuine American greatness.