Friday June 5th 2020

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Calviism by Ironside

Source: H. A. Ironside, Sunday November 1st 2009

Turn to your Bible and read for yourself in the only two chapters in which this word predestinate or predestinated is found. The first is Romans 8:29-30, the other chapter is Ephesians 1:5 and 11. You will note that there is no reference in these four verses to either heaven or hell but to Christ-likeness eventually. Nowhere are we told in scripture that God predestinated one man to be saved and another to be lost. Men are to be saved or lost eternally because of their attitude towards the Lord Jesus Christ. Predestination means that someday all the redeemed shall become just like the Lord Jesus.

D.L. Moody used to put it very simply the elect are the “whosoever wills” the non-elect “whosoever wont's”. This is exactly what scripture teaches, the invitation is to all, those who accept it are the elect.

Remember, we are never told that Christ died for the elect. Whosoever means, “whosoever”. Only a biased theologian, with an axe to grind, could ever think that it meant only the elect.