Thursday December 12th 2019

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The Promise of Change

Source: Art Sadlier, Monday May 11th 2009

During his election campaign Barack Obama promised change, that was his reoccurring theme.  Mr. Obama never did outline the changes he had in mind. In his first 100 days in office we have discovered some of the changes he had in mind.

He evidently had in mind the expansion of abortion rights and the funding of abortion all around the world. He had in mind the promotion of homosexual rights, and hate legislation that would put pastors at risk of jail for declaring what the bible plainly teaches about homosexuality. He had in mind an agenda for homosexual marriage.  He had in mind legislation that would protect all kinds of sexual deviants, including pedophiles. He had in mind legislation which would result in jail time for those who were abused by these deviants and dared to respond to that abuse.

He had in mind making alliances with the Muslim enemies of Israel and forcing Israel into a compromise that would ultimately bring about Israel’s demise, if carried out. He had in mind turning America into Israel’s enemy instead of continuing the long time friendship and supporting role. He has revealed a deep antagonism toward  Israel, an antagonism that is similar to the inherant Muslim hatred toward Israel.

There has surfaced a deep antagonism toward Christianity, that appeared in his inauguration address, when he said that America was no longer a Christian nation, but was also a Muslim nation and a Hindu nation and a Jewish and a nation of atheists. He was implying that the Judeo-Christian ethical foundation on which America was founded and has rested on until this very hour, is now about to be rejected, and seemingly without a wimper.

I am reminded of the picture of the Twin Towers collapsing, a picture indelibly burned into my mind. In a few short seconds those majestic structures collapsed, never to be again. Something else may replace them, but they are gone forever. That is what we are observing in America at this very moment. America is collapsing, it seems to have passed the point of no return.

What motivates such change?  A recent speech by Barack Obama sheds much light on this question.

Barack Obama said in a recent speech in France. “We need a new story, a discovery of ‘new ways’ of thinking. We must throw off the old and embrace a much more enlightened, intelligent point of view. By doing so, we remove inconvenient barriers, cumbersome moral values and achieve self-determination with our new understanding of the world guiding the way. Surely we cannot be bound in this advanced new age by the old moral codes or put plainly, by what Jesus taught....”

Barack Obama is committed to establishing a New World order, before the new can be established the old must be torn down, it must be destroyed. That is the reason  behind  the programs and actions of the American President. The saddest part of this whole scenario is that a majority of the American people are willing to support this agenda for a New World order. The collapse has begun and cannot be reversed,  America has boarded the train to judgment and oblivion.