Thursday December 12th 2019

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A Great Transition

Source: Art Sadlier, Monday March 16th 2009

There seems to be a monumental change developing in American foreign policy regarding Israel. People on President Obama's transition team have been indicating that a major shift was in the making.

This week in an article in the New York Post, by former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton stated that Obama and his advisors have adopted the theory that the, "overwhelming bulk of other Middle East grievances, wholly or partly, stem from Israel's founding and continued existence".

Through Secretary of State Clinton, it has already been made clear that America is demanding nothing less than a fully recognized Palestinian State and that Israel must yield to Palestinian demands. Those demands involve Israel's abandonment of much of Her land and the opening of their doors to millions of Palestinians from the refugee camps.

Israel would be attacked from within and without, and as a democracy Israel would be voted out of existence. America has warned that they will use every means in their power to force Israel to comply.

The U.S. has for some time been pushing Israel to accept a Palestinian State, but now Israel is to be totally abandoned to gain the favour of the Islamic nations. In the process God's Word and His clearly stated purpose regarding Israel is being trampled upon.

America's leaders have placed the nation in harm's way, inviting the judgment of God to come down upon their heads.

The question in my mind is whether this judgment will precede the rapture or follow it? Is the economic meltdown the beginning of the end for this formerly great nation?

We are told that 50,000 rockets and missiles are pointed at Israel from Lebanon, that Hamas are rearming, that Syria have chemical weapons and possibly biological weapons. We are told that Iran now is able to assemble a nuclear bomb and that they have missiles to deliver them. As if that is not enough, America has now joined the enemies of Israel in trying to force Israel's surrender. America is changing from a misguided friend of Israel to Israel's enemy.

There is absolutely no hope for Israel if you rule God out! The truth is that you can't rule God out of Israel's affairs. There will always be an Israel!  After God has chastened His people, He will restore them. The day will come when Christ will rule the world from the throne of David in Jerusalem and Israel will be the head of the nations and not the tail.

I think I can hear laughter, in a not to distant future day it is God that will laugh, David said of that day, "He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision," Psalm 2:4.