Saturday June 6th 2020

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Unheeded Warnings Part 2

Source: Art Sadlier, Monday September 24th 2007

When asked about the Signs of the end of the age, Jesus said that before His Return to the earth there would be some warning signs.

He went on to elaborate that there would be some Beginning Signs, "All these are the beginning of sorrows." Earthquakes, Famine, Disease, Natural Disasters, Wars, and Rumors of War.

In our commentary, two weeks ago, we suggested that we were seeing these signs coming to pass. We said that these things have always been occuring in the world, but today they are occuring with unprecidented intensity and frequency.

We listed a number of record natural disasters that have occured in the last several years, unprecidented is the word now frequently heard. Since that article two weeks ago, some significant additional unprecidented signs have occured.

Hurricane Humberto set a record for the speed in which a hurricane developed, it was just 18 hours from the time the storm began until it made landfall.

Another record was reported this week, a tornado struck in Manitoba in early summer, it is now reported to be the strangest ever recorded in Canada, a first category five Tornado.

A super typhoon, Wipha, with winds 180 m.p.h. hit China this week.

Four major earthquakes shook Indonesia in two days, a fifth followed a week later.

All across Africa heavy rains have caused serious flooding which has wiped out crops and threatens water-born disease. The deadly Ebola Virus has also broken out in Africa and is spreading.

Word has just come of a serious worldwide shortage of wheat and grains.

All of this in the last two weeks, yet the world continues to put its head in the sand.

Another beginning sign that Jesus gave was "Wars and Rumors of War".

We have wars in Aghanistan, Iraq, and Sudan, as well as the ongoing war on terror.

"Rumors of War," let me list a few current rumors of war - Syria against Israel - Hezbollah against Israel - Hamas against Israel - Iran against Israel - U.S. against Iran - France against Iran - China against Tiwaan, these are all recent rumors.

Then we have the discovery last week that Syria was attempting to get a nuclear bomb to attack Israel, which Israel pre-emptively destroyed.

Then we have more signs warning of a serious financial crisis in the West. Saudia Arabia has refused to cut interest rates in lockstep with the Federal Reserve for the first time, signalling that the Oil-Rich gulf Kingdom is preparing to break the dollar currency peg in a move that risks setting off a stampede out of the U.S.dollar across the Middle East..

This week Britons withdrew billions of dollars from a bank that had cash-flow problems.

There has been a steady flow of ominous signs that the U.S. dollar is in trouble. The consequence of a dollar collapse could be beyond our comprehension.

I believe that the Lord is giving the world warning signs of the Coming Day of the Lord. I can hear some saying, "I think not, I think you are a fanatic!"

Jesus warned about a coming generation called the THINK NOT generation. "Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye THINK NOT the Son of Man cometh." (Mt.24:44)

Are you ready for the Trumpet to Sound? Are you saved? Call upon the Lord in repentance and faith and He will save you! Read John chapter three if you lack understanding of the Gospel.

If you are a believer, remember, prophecy is given for a number of reasons:

...To motivate us to live holy lives pleasing to the Lord

...To comfort us with the hope of His Return.

...To teach us about God's Holiness and Justice

...To motivate us to witness to others.