Tuesday September 17th 2019


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Evolution by Faith

Source: From creationmoments.com, Friday July 1st 2011

"For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day:"  Exodus 20:11

Contrary to what the theory of evolution says, the history of life found in the fossil record does not show simpler kinds of living things gradually becoming more complex. Nor does the fossil record show a few kinds of life gradually becoming more kinds of life. The fossil record doesn't even show one example of either of these claims that are universally accepted by evolutionists.
Life appears suddenly in the fossil record. And the living things found in the earliest rocks are completely developed and well equipped for life. Trilobites had fully formed eyes that were apparently more sophisticated than many creatures today. They appear without ancestors.

According to evolution, one of the greatest steps forward by living things was the development of skeletons. The first evolutionary step toward skeletons started with the development of calcium shells by marine creatures. Yet, the fossil record shows that creatures with calcium shells simply appear fully formed, as do creatures with internal skeletons. One question that troubles evolutionists is why creatures suddenly decided they needed skeletons. Incidentally, the astonishing variety of creatures in the oldest rocks shows a greater variety than is alive today.
Of course, the sudden appearance of fully formed, well-equipped life agrees nicely with the Bible's claim that all life was created fully formed by God. When the evidence from science agrees so well with the Bible, those who insist on evolution do so only by faith - a faith that is against the Bible.