Tuesday August 20th 2019


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Radical Islam Rising to the Forefront

Source: Art Sadlier, Friday April 1st 2011

After the initial delusion over the possibility of true democratic reform in the Mideast, the reality is now settling in. Egypt is certain and soon to become a radical Islamic State, similar to Iran.

From a recent news report we read, “According to Reuters, most of Egypt’s Christians voted on Saturday against proposed constitutional amendments out of concern that they would lay the groundwork for general elections as early as September.”

“If elections are held so soon in Egypt, there will be almost no time for newly formed political parties to gain enough recognition and popularity to actually win any significant number of votes. That means only the established parties will have a real shot at winning a controlling stake in the next parliament.”
“Of the established parties, Mubarak’s National Democratic Party has been discredited, leaving only the Muslim Brotherhood and its political front groups.”

When you take into account the fact that 95% of Egyptians are Muslim, it is not hard to see where the elections are heading.
In another revealing report we read, “In an interview with CNN, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the region simply cannot survive Egypt becoming a second Islamic Republic (after Iran).”

“Netanyahu noted that five years ago the Lebanese rose up just as the Egyptians did last month. They took to the streets of Beirut in their millions and demanded freedom and reform. Today, Lebanon is more under the thumb of Hezbollah than ever before, and is little more than a vassal state of Iran.”
The Egyptian military leaders have opened up the borders between Gaza and Egypt allowing the unrestricted flow of weapons and missiles into Gaza. This is the fulfillment of Israel’s worst nightmare. With the increase in missiles being fired into Israel some Israeli leaders have stated that another war with Hamas in Gaza is inevitable.

In another threatening situation we have reports that seem to indicate that change is coming in Yemen. “Uprisings in the Arab world escalated at a fever pitch Sunday and threatened two key US allies, Bahrain and Yemen, where a top Yemini general and two other commanders joined the anti-government rebellion against President Ali Abdullah Saleh.”

It now appears that Iran and Al Qaida are likely to establish another beachhead in Yemen and seriously tighten its grip in the Mideast. Yemen is situated at the entrance to the Red Sea; it would allow Iran to cut off oil supplies to the West.

In reaction to the uprisings, Saudi Arabia has virtually annexed Bahrain in order to preserve its eastern flank from Iran. In eastern Saudi Arabia where 80% of the oil is found, the majority of the population is made up of Shias. Iran is attempting to exploit this situation through uprisings to eventually gain control of the Saudi Oil. This could possibly translate into a Sunni verses Shia Islamic war.

Iran is also seeking to gain control of Iraq’s southern oil fields and have been reportedly infiltrating the area.

The recent developments in the Mideast reveal that the whole area is in a volatile state, anything can happen.

Just when things seem to be settling there are fresh outbreaks of unrest and rioting.

We have seen tremendous changes in the Mideast in recent days, months and years. Iran started it all some thirty-five years ago. Iran went from a stable situation to a radical dangerous Islamic State.
More recently Turkey seems to be going through a dramatic transformation, going from a secular democracy to an Islamic State.

Iraq has gone through a violent transformation that has left it vulnerable to Iranian intrusion. 

In recent months we have seen Lebanon make the transition to a proxy state of Iran, through the takeover of Hezbollah. In Syria the winds of revolution are blowing, the outcome is far from certain. It has been suggested that Syria may go to war with Israel in order distract from the political unrest. We do know that Iran is gaining influence in Syria and they have begun to build permanent naval base on the Mediterranean in Syria.

In another fairly recent development the Obama administration has betrayed its Mideast allies in an effort to position itself as the friend of the Islamic countries which have been America’s enemies. America has betrayed, or at the least seems to have betrayed Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen. It all began with the betrayal of Israel.

The fact is now being revealed that these Islamic countries that Obama is courting have made it plain that they do not want anything to do with America.
America has lost all credibility in the Mideast. This development is in line with what we would expect if we are as close to the unfolding of the last day’s scenario as we believe we are. America has no part to play in the end time scenario and must be disengaged from the Mideast scenario. That is exactly what is now happening.

The EU is seeking to replace American involvement in the Israel/Palestinian peace process with the UN and EU involvement. This is also in line with the biblical scenario for the Mideast peace process.

All of these changes in the Mideast seem to be laying the ground work for Islamic takeovers. Secondly they seem to be pushing America out of the Mideast.
On the American home front a disturbing news article this week detailed 15 reasons why the American economy will collapse in 2011.

We are told that the situation in Japan could yet translate into a world-wide economic collapse.

Everywhere we look the signs of our Lord’s return are multiplying. The stage is being set.