Tuesday August 20th 2019


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Israel`s Familiar Position

Source: Art Sadlier, Sunday February 27th 2011

Three thousand years ago the nation of Israel was born in the midst of a desperate situation. The mighty army of Pharaoh was pressing down on them from behind. The mountains were on either side and the Red Sea was before them. All hope was gone. The Lord was teaching Israel a lesson on the very birthday of the nation. The Lord intervened in a miraculous way and opened up the sea and Israel went across on dry ground. The Lord was saying to Israel, “Trust me and obey me and I will protect you and bless you.”

That same situation has been repeated countless times over the centuries. One other example was when Gideon came against the Midianites. The army of the Midian was numbered as the sand of the sea. Gideon had only 300 men and they had no weapons; they each had just a light, a jar, and a trumpet. God intervened and the army of the Midianites was destroyed. Since 1948, when Israel became a nation again, God has repeatedly allowed Israel to be put to the wall with all hope gone.

In the three wars since that time, Israel has found itself in absolutely hopeless situations. In each of those three wars God has without question divinely intervened to deliver His people. In each case God was obviously saying to Israel, “Trust me and obey me and I will protect and deliver you.”

Today we see Israel being once again placed with her back to the wall. For the last number of months Israel’s situation has grown progressively worse. As I have written article after article describing Israel’s deteriorating situation I marvel that just when it seems it can’t get any worse, it does.

Russia has established a naval base in Syria and has just announced that it will supply Syria with the latest shore to ship missiles. With Russia’s support behind them the Syrians will grow more bold and confident.

Iran has just sent naval vessels through the Suez Canal and announced that they are beginning to build a naval base in Syria. They will use this base to bring weapons into Syria and to bring the Republican Guard soldiers in also. This will add to Syria's boldness also.

Hezbollah has recently gained control of the government of Lebanon and will also gain control of the Lebanese army. Hezbollah is an Iranian proxy and will now be strengthened and emboldened as Iran can now more easily supply weapons through Syria.

The recent collapse of the government in Egypt will inevitably lead to a radical Islamic Fundamentalist state. It seems that all of the Mideast Arab regimes that are falling are moving from stable governments to Islamic governments, which is bad news for Israel.

Israel is now again in one of those hopeless situations that God will once again use to try to arrest Israel’s attention. Just when Israel is going down for what seems like the last time, her God will intervene.

I personally believe that this intervention will involve the war referred to in Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, and Ezekiel 36.

Sound the Trumpet and warn the people the Lord is coming for His church and the world is headed for the judgment of the tribulation period. Noah sounded the warning for 120 years and the people said, “Noah you are a silly old fool,” but the judgment did come. My friend, get on board the ark of safety - the Lord Jesus Christ before it is forever too late.