Sunday August 25th 2019

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Reforming Human Government With Human Methods

Source:, Tuesday October 26th 2010

[TBC: In past newsletters we've addressed kingdom dominion/reconstructionism. Many dominionists believe that in taking over the world for Christ they will both reform human government and enable the Lord to return. Within the movement are what seem to be widely divergent groups. Consider these excerpts from another ministry.]

To understand just how LITERALLY these men take actual, physical dominion of these various cultural segments of the global society, read C. Peter Wagner's "Let's Take Dominion Now!" which is chapter 3 in his The Church in the Workplace book...In this chapter, Wagner describes Dominion as "social transformation" and claims that this agenda comes from God, describing it is "one of the strongest words that the Holy Spirit is clearly speaking to the churches today." Of course, adding this "endorsement" by the Holy Spirit is meant to give added weight and impetus to Wagner's Dominion mandate.

At its core, this Dominion theme is a perversion of Scripture, particularly the doctrine of the Gospel of Salvation -- that Jesus died on the cross for your sins, and has redeemed you by His shed blood, and that you are saved by grace through faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Substituted for this humble, simple Gospel of the cross is the new gospel of 7 mountains -- the gospel of the KINGDOM! C. Peter Wagner's Dominionist gospel of "social transformation" is a "cultural mandate" which is based on changing things on the earth to match things in heaven. In "Let's Take Dominion Now!" [Charismatic] Wagner, who has acknowledged concocting new theologies, admits that this whole agenda is Kuyperian: "Calvin... taught that believers are responsible for social transformation, and his followers began to believe that we have a cultural mandate (the mandate to transform society) as well as an evangelistic one (the mandate to save souls). One famous Calvinist, pastor and theologian Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920), lived this out, entered politics, became prime minister of the Netherlands and caused tremendous positive changes in society as a result."

Wagner [teaches] the false gospel that "our new paradigm for taking dominion includes a dual task: the evangelistic mandate (saving souls) and the cultural mandate (transforming society)." An invented corollary heresy teaches that entire nations collectively are to be saved, and that "the Great Commission's biblical goal is nothing short of social transformation."

The truth is that no truly biblical revival, awakening, reformation, transformation or renewal can take place without the preaching of the Gospel of Salvation. And in all of this hubbub for another great "awakening" we hear no clarion Gospel call. What we are hearing is "Let's Take Dominion Now!" We are hearing about "mountains" and "spheres," "armies" and "strategies," "cultural and social transformation," "issues" and "covenants." But we aren't hearing about ministering one-on-one to people with broken hearts and lives who need Jesus.