Tuesday June 2nd 2020


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The Miracle of Israel

Source: Art Sadlier, Sunday January 24th 2010

The God of Israel has over the long years performed for Israel that which can only be called miraculous. He called Israel out of Egypt in an amazing way. He parted the sea and He fed two million Israelites in the wilderness. The whole record of the nation of Israel is record of divine intervention. Even in the long years of dispersion  and chastening God preserved His people in a miraculous way.

The modern story of the Jew is a repeat of the miraculous hand of God upon them. The war of independence,and the wars that followed that should have seen Israel`s destruction but were again a demonstration of God`s sovereign preservation. Israel is a miracle from the beginning to the present moment.

At this very hour we can see God`s miraculous hand still working on Israel`s behalf. For the last twenty years the nations of the West have expended incredible energy and efforts to drive Israel off the land God has promised them. The Arab nations with their vast wealth and numbers have done everything in their power to drive Israel off the land. The Jews themselves have been intimidated and cowed into believing that they must surrender the land.  Israeli leaders have tried repeatly to surrender their heritage. Israeli leaders have anticpated that the surrender of land is inevitable.

Today in the face of tremendous pressure the fact is that the Israeli`s are actually beginning to consolidate their position in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has stated that Israel will never share Jerusalem with the PA. He has stated that the area of the Jordan must remain in Jewish hands.

In a news item today we have the following report.  "Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu planted a tree in Gush Etzion, south of Jerusalem, Sunday afternoon, a symbolic move that firmly dug into place a message to the United States that large centers of Jewish population in Judea and Samaria will remain part of the State of Israel."

It seems that the God of Israel is moving to give Israel the whole land inspite of the enemies threats. God actually gave His people possession of the whole land after the war of 1967, they have proceeded to give much of it away again.

Today the PA are refusing to negotiate with Israel because the Obama administration has created unrealistic expectations. While the PA sit and wait for Israel to be forced to surrender, the Israeli's are quietly digging their roots deeper and deeper in the West Bank and Jerusalem. The world has been overruled in their program for the Land of Israel.

We know that Jewish unbelief will yet bring a land for peace deal which will displease the Lord and bring chastening on Israel. The end result will find Israel in her land with the blessing of God upon her. There will always be an Israel.