Thursday December 12th 2019

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The Ongoing Preparation for the One World Church

Source: Art Sadlier, Sunday December 6th 2009

The council of the Parliament of the World’s Religions has elected a Muslim, Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid as its chairman.

Abdul  Malik Mujahid is an Imam in the Chicago Muslim community, he is president of the Sound Vision Foundation, as such he is involved in producing Radio Islam, a daily call-in talk show.

The World Parliament of Religion is preoccupied with climate change,  environmental  issues and excessive consumption. Its emphasis has become political in nature and as such it will inevitably be drawn into working with the coming World Government. That is exactly what we find in Revelation 17, we see a World Church working in union with the Antichrist to bring the whole world into subjection to him.

In another development, 150 Orthodox, Catholic and Evangelical leaders have signed the Manhatten Declaration. The declaration is a pledge to defend religious liberty, traditional marriage and the prolife position on the sanctity of life. It is declared to be a line in the sand on these issues and it is a pledge to resort to civil disobedience rather than submit. Since the signing it is reported that thousands are now signing on in support.

We support the positions that are being taken here. However we see this as another attempt to remove the barrier of separation that should exist between sound doctrine and apostasy. It is another attempt to bring all religious groups under one roof. It is a move that is a part of the laying of the infrastructure of the coming World Church. The fact that so many Evangelicals cannot recognize the real issue here is of great concern.

In yet another development, the Roman Catholic Church has thrown open the doors for Anglican ministers to come into the Church and become catholic priests. It has been estimated that thousands of Anglican pastors will make the move.

The pace of preparation for the world church is accelerating. We know that this Harlot (as John calls it) will not actually come together until the Antichrist comes to power after the signing of the seven year peace treaty. The woman cannot be found riding the beast until the beast comes to power.

These developments indicate that the trumpet is soon to sound.  Are you ready?