Tuesday December 10th 2019


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Arabs Reject the Peace Process

Source: Art Sadlier, Monday August 3rd 2009

In todays news we read that Saudi Arabia has thoroughly rejected the appeal of President Obama that the Arabs make modest gestures to Israel to encourage Israel to move forward the peace process involving the establishment of a Palestinian State within Israel's present borders.

 Fatah is meeting in Bethlehem on Tuesday and it is reported that they will call for a policy of controlled violence against Israel. It is reported that they will reject the idea of a Jewish State. This is a hardening of the Arab position and will effectively kill the peace process at this time.

Israeli Transport Minister Yisrael Katz stated that, Fatah's draft "political plan", which was leaked to several Arab newspapers over the weekend, "is a declaration of war on the state of Israel." He went on to say, "The refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and the demand for a withdrawal to the 1967 line, and the full right of return for Palestinian refugees means the wiping of Israel out of existence".

It seems that each time that the PA get close to a serious peace plan that they back off or introduce new demands. The evidence seems to indicate that the Arabs do not really want any solution short of eliminating Israel. Arab leaders have actually stated this many times.

Bible prophecy states that there will be a peace treaty signed by the Roman Prince, antichrist.  (see Daniel 9:25-27).

Though a peace treaty has defied the world for over twenty years, Daniel's prophecy will be fulfilled in God's time. Just when all hope of such an agreement is seemingly lost the coming world ruler will do the seemingly impossible and bring about a false peace.