Tuesday December 10th 2019


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The Days Are Darkening

Source: Art Sadlier, Monday February 9th 2009

The scriptures tell us that the last days will be dark days, in the last few weeks it seems that the lights all around us are going out.

The new administration of Barack Obama has moved rapidly to bring about change, changes that do not bode well for christians. In his inaugural address he stated that America was no longer a Christian nation only but a nation of Islam and Hindus and unbelievers. The implication was clear,  policies  would no longer take Americas Christian heritage into consideration. The playing field would now be level for Muslims,  non believers, Hindus and Christians.

The standards and morality of Christianity would no longer prevail. Our breath has been taken away by the swiftness of the changes this new government has imposed.

First we heard that a move would be made to strengthen the right of abortion, funds for developing counties would now have strings attached, any country that did not approve abortion would not receive  financial aid.

Then we heard that the new administration would seek to repeal the Defence of Marriage act. The next item would be the intention of the government to legalize same sex marriage.

Quickly following on the heels of that was the intention to bring in the Fairness Doctrine. This neat bit of legislation would require radio stations to give equal time to the gospel, programming would have to be balanced with Islamic and atheist programming. The problem is that Christian radio stations would have to find  such programming and air it. The networks would have to do the same, the problem in their case would be the allocating of more air time and they would opt to eliminate Christian programming as the easy way out. Talk radio that tend to give conservative views would be virtually eliminated.

It just keeps coming, now the stimulus package states that where any of this money is accepted religious activities will be prohibited. That would mean Christians would not be allowed to us schools, colleges or public buildings for activities such as bible studies or meetings of any religious type. Senator Jim DeMint said, "This provision is an assault against  People of faith, it's un-American and it's unconstitutional. It's intolerant and it is intolerable". He said that the wording is so vague, it's not clear if students can pray even in a dorm room where funds for renovations are from provisions of this bill.

A UN treaty that would prevent parents from spanking or even homeschooling their children. This treaty  is favoured by members of the Obama Government. Under the provision parents would not be allowed to decide their childrens religion. The child could complain to government agencies, who could over rule the parents decisions on almost every issue.

One environmental expert claims that abortion is the answer to global warming, he claims that if families were limited to two children the worlds population could be controlled at a sustainable level.

All of this in just a matter of the last few days, the lights are going out on our society. David said, ''If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do.'' Psalm 11:3.  The foundations of our society are being destroyed right before our eyes and at an ever quickening pace. What can we do, David gives the answer in verse 4, "The LORD is in his holy temple the LORD'S throne is in heaven:his eyes behold,his eyelids try, the children of men." My friend God is still on the throne, men will have their day of rebellion, but God will have the last word, do not envy the wicked.