Saturday June 6th 2020

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The Beginning Signs

Tuesday May 1st 2007

In Matthew 24: 4-8 Jesus gave us the beginning signs which would appear prior to the rapture. (See also Luke 21:28).

Spiritual Deception vs 4,5 Today we are seeing spiritual deception sweeping over the evangelical church as never before, with Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive apostasy.

Wars vs 6 Never before in all of history has there been a potential to destroy all flesh from off the earth. We have 10 or more nations with nuclear arsenals, some with chemical and biological arsenals.

Nation Against Nation vs 7 the whole world is awash with unrest today.

Famines vs 7 Loss of bee colonies that will limit crosspollination, a new variety of wheat rust which threatens the world’s crops, global warming and the threat of nuclear war all present scenarios for incredible famines.

Pestilence vs 7 Scientists have discovered 3,000 new viruses, 96% of them about which they know little or nothing, each one having the capacity to mutate and start a pandemic.

Earthquakes vs 7 each year 500,000 earthquakes shake our world. The number of major earthquakes is on the rise.

Dr. Bill McGuire who has a PhD in Volconology and is a Professor of Geohazards at University College, London, England, makes the following statement:

“The greatest fear of Hazard Scientists and Disaster Managers is that we will shortly be faced with Global Natural Catastrophe of unprecedented size! The threat of an Asteroid or Comet impact is now understood, but few appreciate that we are overdue for a Volcanic Super-Eruption big enough to freeze the plant. Other tectonic threats include earthquake “storms” powerful enough to devastate a Continent, and giant Tsunami (huge sea waves, normally generated by earthquakes) - capable of obliterating entire cities around the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.”

It is amazing that governments, scientists, doctors, politicians and the media are sounding alarms about the beginning signs Jesus gave concerning His return to the earth.