Saturday June 6th 2020

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Quotations from the Global Health Summit

Source: UN and Time Magazine, Thursday December 1st 2005

The following consists of quotations from the November “Global Health Summit” sponsored by the UN and Time Magazine. (Personal comments are in bold text).

We have first, an introduction of Rick Warren:

“He leads the Purpose-Driven network, a global movement of churches in 162 countries, and has trained over 400,000 ministers and priests worldwide.”

Rick Warren stated-

“There are five great problems in the world. I call them Global Goliaths, they are spiritual emptiness, people lack purpose, and they are ego-centric leadership, extreme poverty, pandemic disease and illiteracy. These problems affect billions of people, and to-date, everyone has failed at solving them. The United Nations has failed, the USA has failed, multinational corporations have failed, but I’m very optimistic because I believe there is a new passion, and there is a new partnership that is arising.”

In these quotations you will catch a glimpse of Rick Warren’s purposes and goals and direction. You need to consider whether these goals are the goals of Jesus Christ for the church in this present age, or whether they are related to the goals of the UN and the Great Harlot Church of Revelation 17.

Rick Warren continues –

“So what is it going to take? I’m going to talk about co-operation between the private sector, the public sector, and the faith sector, or in other words: government, businesses and churches.

If you study Revelation 17 & 18 you will realize that the kingdom of Anti-Christ (the beast) is a union of the state, the church and the economic or business sector.

Rick Warren continues -

“I have been quietly, under the radar, working on a thing called the Global Peace Plan in 131 countries, for the last 3 ½ years, and we’re actually going to go public with it here at the conference.”

In the following quotation, notice how Rick Warren implies the harnessing of Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity to solve the world’s problems.

Rick Warren continues -

“I can take you to a million villages around this world that don’t have a Clinic, don’t have a Post Office, don’t have a Hospital, never will, but they have a church (or equivalent – my comment). It is the biggest distribution centre in the world, and it has the biggest number of volunteers. Just in Christianity alone, not counting Islam, Judaism and Buddhism and, in Christianity alone, there are 2.1 billion people who claim that name. What if just half of them were mobilized?”

No difference is made between the true body of Christ and Apostate Christianity or other Religions. All can be harnessed to bring peace and prosperity and unity to the whole world. Any premillenialist can see the clear implications of this program.

Rick Warren continues -

“We are now doing this Peace Plan and actually this weekend at Saddleback Church, I commissioned over 15,000 Peace Ambassadors out of my church who committed to go overseas in the next two years. Now, we are going to take this to the hundreds of thousands of other churches that we’ve been involved in training in our network.”

Rick Warren is using a series of “40 Days” campaigns to remold the thinking of churches and pastors. Judge for yourself whether or not this is a fair statement!

Rick Warren continues -

“We actually set-up a 3-campaign system. You may have heard of one of them. I’m trying to move the American Church from self-centered consumerism to unselfish contribution”.

Moving from one error to misdirection of the true purpose of the church is deception, and greater error!

Rick Warren continues -

“But to move a church from here to there, how do you get them? Well, we’ve done actually 3 things. We have a 40-Days of Purpose Campaign which now 10% of American Churches have gone through, 30,000 churches have gone through the first campaign, that’s the Module training. The second one is called 40 Days of Community. The third one is called 40 Days of Peace. As we move these churches through, we are mobilizing them to make a difference.”

Warren explains how this will ultimately work. “I’ve asked every one of my small groups, we have 3,000 small groups in our church, to adopt a village, and they go in and find a man, a person of Peace and they do the Peace Plan.”

Rick Warren is committed to unifying all religions to bring peace to the world and to solve the problems of disease, illiteracy and poverty. That is a worthy goal, but it is not God’s plan and purpose for the church. The implications are staggering in the light of Bible prophecy. God’s plan for the church is to change the world, one life at a time through Salvation, Regeneration and Transformation. When asked in Matthew 24 about the Signs of the Last Days, prior to His coming, Jesus said the great sign will be spiritual deception (Mt. 24:4, 5, 11, 24, 25). Further, in Revelation 18, when addressing the Harlot Church of that hour He said in verse 4 “Come out of her my people.”

Incredibly some true believers, saved in the Tribulation Period, will be deceived by that false church. We need to pray that those who today are being deceived by the fore runner of the Harlot Church, will come out of her.