Saturday June 6th 2020

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Source: Noah W Hutchings, Tuesday November 1st 2005

Dr. Warren has come up with a formula that would finally bring all denominations together – make everyone think there is something in it just for them. This formula is recorded in the book by Mac Dominick “Outcome Based Religion”.

  • Perception must be changed from viewing people as “Saved” or “lost” to “churched” or “unchurched”
  • Find out what impresses the unchurched in your community and do it
  • Bring in popular “heroes” to attract the multitudes
  • Use successful principles of retailing: accessibility – surplus parking – inventory – service – visibility – and good cash flow
  • Pastors should model themselves after business men and plan strategically
  • Do not preach expository sermons, you have to win them and build relationships
  • Move from theocentric approach to ministry, to a human needs approach
  • We must begin to say – I am not trying to convert any other religious people to my viewpoint

This formula originated with Robert Schuller’s Leadership Conference of which Rick Warren is a graduate.