Saturday November 16th 2019

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Obama's Dilemma: Take Lead on Iran Attack from Israel - or Delay Until Tactical Nuclear is only Way

Source: debkafile, Thursday August 9th 2012

If it were only up to US President Barack Obama, the US would not attack Iran and its nuclear program in the second half of 2012 and maybe, if he were re-elected in November, not even during 2013 either.
But this hot Middle East summer finds him running out of leeway and trapped in a decision by three factors that are pushing the US into war on Iran as soon as September or October at the latest.
The key is Iran’s rapidly advancing mega-fortification project for its nuclear sites, first revealed by debkafile Wednesday, Aug. 1. It has sent Israel clamoring for an attack to go forward before those nuclear facilities are whisked out of its reach into the burgeoning “immunity zones.” It also raises fears that further delay will put Iran’s nuclear program outside the reach even of US super bunker busters, leaving Washington the single recourse of tactical nuclear weapons for thwarting a nuclear-armed Iran.

Moving out of US super- bunker-buster range

An army of thousands of Iranian military engineers and strong-backed workmen using heavy earth-moving equipment is working around the clock to "bury" the nuclear facilities under mountains of large boulders fortified with steel rods and plates and filled with tons of reinforced concrete.
As our military and intelligence sources first revealed on August 1, these fortifications are designed to hold up not just against Israeli air and missile bombardment but the far more high-powered American weaponry including the 30,000 destructive pounds packed by the latest version of the US Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP).