Thursday October 17th 2019

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Israel's Position Deteriorates Further

Source: Art Sadlier, Sunday July 1st 2012

For several years now we have been reporting on Israel’s deteriorating situation. Each time we thought the situation for Israel was as desperate as it could get. No sooner had we suggested that, than the situation did get worse. Again today we say that Israel’s situation seems to have reached an all time low with regard to her apparent survival, at least from a human perspective. The sudden rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Mideast is the reason for this concern.

Apparently both Russia and Israel share this concern about the advancement of radical fundamentalist states in the Mideast. The following is a quote from a Debkafile news report on this subject. “The Russian and Israeli leaders will find common ground: Both are concerned, to put it mildly, by the chain of Muslim Brotherhood governments rolling out along Middle East shores – Libya, last year; Egypt, yesterday; and Syria tomorrow. In their view, this process is a menace to regional stability which rivals even that of a nuclear-armed Iran.” The additional fear is that Jordan will soon succumb to the Muslim Brotherhood as well.

The report continues: “Putin counts US President Barack Obama’s sponsorship of Muslim Brotherhood power as a strategic threat to Russian national security because it could be the match which lights the flame of radical Islam in the Caucasus and among the Russian Muslim populations of the Volga River valleys.” That is why Putin is supporting Bashar Assad in Syria; he fears a militant Islamic state in Syria. Apparently, Iran has agreed not to export radical Islam to Russia.

Debkafile continues: “In the past year, since a new regime took power in Tripoli, the strategic peninsula has been transformed into a major smuggling Eden for the distribution of contraband arms and infiltrating Islamist terrorists, including Muslim Brotherhood adherents, into the Hamas-ruled the Gaza Strip and onward to other countries in the region.

For Putin the math is simple: If Libyan Islamists can travel 1,360 kilometers to reach Israel’s borders without anyone stopping them, why not 2,558 kilometers to the Russian Caucasian?”

It seems Israel is now about to have another Islamic fundamentalist state like Iran in Egypt, possibly another in Syria and another in Jordan. It is not hard to see a mastermind behind these developments; the same Satan that hates Israel and has long sought to destroy her.

Obama and his administration have worked openly and effectively to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt, knowing full well that it could mean the demise of Israel.

When it was announced that Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi had been elected President, his campaign manager announced that: “Our capital shall not be Cairo, Mecca or Medina, it shall be Jerusalem.” This was a repeat of a statement Morsi had made during the campaign.

In a Chilling Speech after his election, “The Egyptian President promises to ignore the Egyptian constitution for the sake of sharia.” He stated, “Mohammed is our leader and the Koran is our constitution. Jihad is our path; death for the sake of Allah is our most glorious aspiration. Above all Allah is our God. Regardless of the text of the constitution, the text will truly reflect the sharia”.

It seems obvious that Egypt is on its way to becoming like Khomeini’s Iran.

After the election results were announced Obama was one of the first to phone Morsi and congratulate him. At the same time, Hamas in Gaza were wildly celebrating the Brotherhood’s victory; this is the same Brotherhood that established Hamas in the first place. They established Hamas for the sole purpose of destroying Israel. Now Hamas will have a powerful supporting ally in the new Egypt.

Obama has worked effectively to prevent an Israeli attack on Iran. Obama has also worked to make Saudi Arabia vulnerable to the Arab spring and its resulting destabilization. This would mean another Iran like Islamic Fundamentalist state. The Saudi’s are now well aware of this betrayal by Obama.

In a recent meeting between Putin and Netanyahu both men seem to be looking for a way out of Washington’s move to shape the Mideast into one large Islamic Fundamentalist block. It would be ironic if Israel had to look to Moscow to help blunt American Mideast policy.

Several things seem to be certain:

First - The idea of an Islamic democracy is an impossibility Islam and democracy are a contradiction. Only those who are blinded or have an ulterior motive would suggest such nonsense. Yet this is the suggested motive behind America’s actions, White House press secretary Jay Carney in a statement called the Islamist’s election a “milestone” in Egyptians’ transition to democracy. The whole western media has expressed jubilation over the prospect of democracy in Mideast Arab states.

Second.  The idea that Islamic Fundamentalism will somehow be the friend of America is also absurd. Look at what happened in Iran after America aided the Islamic revolution. Islam hates America; it stands in the way of a world-wide Islamic Caliphate. Islamic fundamentalists have always called America the great Satan.

Is the present leader of America just foolish or does he have a desire to build Islam at Israel’s expense and at America’s expense.  It is becoming increasingly obvious that we have a Muslim in the White House? I believe we can see the hand of Satan masterminding events in the Mideast.

Meanwhile the Israeli Prime Minister keeps on smiling to Obama while grinding his teeth over the security avalanche Obama has set in motion at Israel’s front and back doors and wracking his brains for a plan of cooperation with Moscow to arrest the slide.

Israel has already had a foretaste of the trouble to come from Cairo. It bounced all the way from Libya’s Islamist regime to land this month with a sinister bang across the Egyptian Sinai border with southern Israel.

We have long believed that Israel’s God is working to put Israel’s back to the wall to ultimately bring her to himself. In each of Israel’s previous three major modern day wars it is apparent that the Lord of Israel has placed Israel in hard places only to rescue her and say to her, Israel, I am your God, Israel, I love you and I will protect and bless you if only you will turn to me, believe me and trust me. It is only God that can and will ultimately deliver Israel.

We can see the prophetic plan of God unfolding but only the God of Israel knows the timing of the Day of the Lord. We can see that it is near, even at the doors. Judgment is near at hand!

Blindness and deception seem to be the watch words of the hour. Blindness and deception clouds the present world of politics and diplomacy. Blindness and deception clouds the present economic and monetary crisis our world is facing. Blindness and deception clouds the religious scene today and it also clouds much of the evangelical church. Jeremiah 5:21 describes the present hour; “Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not.”

The gods of our society are thingspleasure and sensuality. The Psalmist described our society when he said; “...there is no fear of God before his eyes.” They can defy God and trample on His Word and never give it a second thought. The smell of sulphur is permeating this wicked society as the fire of God’s wrath hangs over it. My heart cries out with Jeremiah when he said; “Oh that my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people!” The man that warns and weeps is the man who cares.

God is a God of great love and great mercy and He is longsuffering but He hates sin and disobedience and rebellion, His mercy has a limit. When the line of the limit of God’s mercy and longsuffering is crossed His judgment falls. Israel had crossed that line in Jeremiah’s day and the Lord said to Jeremiah; “Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me: for I will not hear thee” (Jeremiah 7:16).  

Today our society is near that line, when that line is crossed the judgment of God will fall and the Day of the Lord will begin.