Tuesday October 15th 2019


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Iran and the Nuclear Bomb

Source: Art Sadlier, Tuesday May 1st 2012

There is now a whole new dimension to the use of nuclear bombs. A totally new type of game-changer modern nuclear bomb has been invented that doesn’t kill any human beings or animals or destroy buildings. Instead of killing people, the new nuclear bomb burns out all the electronic equipment and the modern defense systems that rely on electronics, this is accomplished through the nuclear generation of Electromagnetic Pulse. It is called the “EMP Nuclear Weapon.”

In a recent article Mark Langfan states, “This EMP Nuclear Weapon is detonated at a technically easily reachable high-altitude of about 50 kilometers above a given targeted battlefield area, though it doesn’t harm a fly, it destroys all the electronics within about 750 kilometers of the blast radius, and leaves non-electronic World War II-vintage weapons like regular guns, Kalashnikovs and Katyushas totally unaffected.”

Langfan goes on to say, “Such an Iranian EMP Nuclear Weapon wouldn’t kill even a bird, but with the element of surprise would allow the Iranians to follow such a high-altitude nuclear EMP burst with a conventional blitzkrieg overwhelming type of ground attack on a localized area.”

This could enable Iran to then conventionally attack and conquer Eastern Saudi Arabia and liberate 5 million Shiite Muslims from the yolk of Sunni rule.

Langfan goes on to suggest an Iranian EMP Nuclear Weapon could destroy all the high-tech weapons and satellites that US and Saudi Arabia depend on to maintain their military edge over Iran, this could enable Iran to take hostage 30,000 living US soldiers as POWs.

The above article receives credibility through release of the super-secret 2005 report (recently declassified in 2011) by the US Army Intelligence branch called the National Ground Intelligence Center. They reported that China actually might successfully use such a High Altitude EMP Nuclear Weapon to attack Taiwan and US Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups as a winning “Trump Card” against the US.

In another report it has been suggested that North Korea is planning to use such an attack against South Korea, the whole of Japan and the US military in the region.

Many of the essential systems needed to survive war would be knocked out, as computers are instantly rendered malfunctioning or unusable.

Military and communications systems such as radars, antennas, and missiles, government offices, would be put out of use, as would energy sources such as nuclear power stations and transport and communications systems including airports, airplanes, railways, cars and cell phones.

One analyst states, “The recent North Korean ‘failed’ ballistic missile was a perfect EMP nuclear weapon-type with a due south trajectory over South Korea which reached at least 50 kilometers altitude and therefore was a total success for a test EMP nuclear delivery launch.”

Langfan paints the following possible scenario, “Practically; if Iran attacked Saudi and US forces in the Persian Gulf with an EMP nuclear weapon, Iran would have two easy military objectives:

  1. Occupying the Saudi Easternmost Shiite-majority provinces that hold 99% of all of Saudi Arabia’s oil which are all located within 100 kilometers of the western shore of the Persian Gulf.
  2. Capturing 30,000 living US soldiers as POWs that are now defending the Persian Gulf, who will have all their modern high-tech weapons and communications equipment electronically burnt to a crisp at H-Hour plus 3 nanoseconds.

Iran’s military task will be greatly aided by the fact that there are now thousands of Iranian “sleeper” cells among the five million Shiites that form the majority in the very Easternmost Saudi Persian Gulf provinces and other Sunni Kingdoms. Armed with the element of surprise, using an EMP nuclear weapon, Iran could militarily very well hand the US a fait accompli on the battlefield before Washington even knew what happened.

This is because an Iranian detonated EMP over the Saudi Peninsula would not only blind all of the US military spy satellites, but would likely burn out all the US CENTCOM Saudi Theater communications back to the Pentagon.

Langfan goes on to say, “With 30,000 living US soldiers as POWs by Iran, the US ability to launch an unconventional counterattack would be checkmated. With the Iranians armed with an EMP nuclear weapon, any ability of the US to mount a conventional counterattack would impossible.”

Langfan adds, “In fact, once Iran gets an EMP nuke, as the NGIC report concludes, Iran has an incentive and a window of opportunity to use an EMP weapon against Saudi Arabia and the US to conquer the Saudi Peninsula before Saudi Arabia acquires an EMP resilient hardened second-strike nuclear weapon.”

Such a scenario would leave Iran with a vise like grip on all the Mideast oil, and with the world begging Iran for oil.

I am amazed at how this would seem to fit perfectly into the prophetic scenario.

First  This could provoke the war of Psalm 83 with the Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria coming against Israel.

Second  It conforms to the Biblical scenario that indicates that Iran will not attack Israel until early in the tribulation period and will not be a part of the war of Psalm 83.

Third  It would account for the fact that America will not be involved in either of these end time wars.

We see through a glass darkly and cannot be certain how the end time scenario will play out. However as we compare contemporary events with scripture we have an insight into what maybe about to happen.