Tuesday September 17th 2019


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Will Glenn Beck's Restoring Love Rally be About Ecumenicalism and the Social Gospel?

Source: Brannon S. Howse, Saturday March 17th 2012

To be "Loving" now means you embrace ecumenicalism and don't divide on theological and doctrinal issues for success in the culture war and you embrace a social gospel. Will this be the message we hear at Glenn Beck's Restoring Love Rally on 7-28-12 in Dallas?

If you don't agree with Beck's spiritual agenda will that make you a bigot? In 2010 I was quoted in a CNN article on why Christians should not unite in a spiritual enterprise with a New Age Mormon to win the "culture war." Beck talked about the article on his radio program and said, "so now the religious bigotry is there too."

Beck's rally will center on a three day event of "Celebration of Service". I believe Beck is really pushing a social gospel agenda along with his ecumenicalism. Recently Beck's website announced his global plan which included a visit to the Vatican. Therefore, may I suggest Rick Warren be a keynote speaker at Beck's rally so Warren can talk about his global Peace Plan, the social gospel, and his ecumenicalism. After all, Rick Warren has proven he can work with Muslims so why not a Mormon? After all there are a lot of similarities between Mormons and Muslims. A few years ago Warren signed the Yale document that declared that Christians and Muslims worship the same god. The document declared:

We applaud that A Common Word Between Us and You stresses so insistently the unique devotion to one God,

Muslims and Christians do not worship the same god.

Glenn Beck, like Warren, is also pushing a social gospel agenda along with ecumenicalism. Beck's website states:

"Glenn Beck will be reaching out to individual organizations, churches, and more across the area and ask them the question: 'If you had unlimited manpower for one day – what would you do?'…I have said enough words. It's time for me to help hold up the arms of community and faith leaders and serve those who are doing the heavy lifting on healing our nation…It is time to deemphasize the political solution and first demand real change in ourselves."

So Beck is going to rally the churches and faith leaders and Beck is going to help hold up the arms of the faith community?

If Beck is going to deemphasize the political solution that really only leaves a spiritual solution and thus the desire to work with the churches. Are you interested in in the spiritual solutions of a New Age Mormon? I for one am not. Christians should not unite with Beck in spiritual enterprise as declared in Romans 16:17, 2 John 9-11, Ephesians 5:11, and 2 Corinthians 6:14.

Beck's social gospel, ecumenicalism, and global plan seem very similar to that of Rick Warren. In the December 20, 2011 Orange County Register it was reported that Rick Warren is opening the PEACE Center as part of his global PEACE Plan. I believe Warren's PEACE plan is really a communitarian philosophy of bringing together the church, corporations and the government for what Warren has called the three-legged stool.

The Irvine woman is one of about 72,000 people who have benefitted from Saddleback's food pantry since its 2009 opening, according to Saddleback officials. The pantry is one of several services that will be part of the church's new PEACE Center.

The OCR reported:

A permanent larger, two-story structure is in the planning stages. It will house a free health clinic, clothing exchange, warehouse and auto-repair shop in addition to services being offered at the temporary center. So far, $600,000 has been raised through donations toward the $2 million cost of the structure.

In the OCR Warren was quoted as saying:

"This is not for members of Saddleback but for people in the community," he said. "When the final building is built, it will be the first thing people see when they come to the campus. It's not about the church but the hope and love that's in that building."

Nowhere in the New Testament Church description of the church do we see the mandate for the corporate church to focus on social programs for those outside the church. While this could be a ministry for individuals as a platform for preaching the Biblical gospel, it is not a function described in the Bible as a calling of the New Testament Church. The New Testament church is to equip and train its members for the work of ministry-the preaching of the gospel.

Pastor Jesse Johnson put it best when he wrote:

There is a very real danger that has been played out through history repeatedly, that when churches embrace a vision for combating poverty, evangelism is one of the first victims of this altered commission…To guard against that, the church is never commanded to show compassion to the poor as a means for expanding the kingdom. Simply put, you owe the poor the gospel; Jesus died to purchase for them the privilege of hearing the testimony of his death and resurrection (1 Tim 2:6). That is both the most and the least you can give, and Robin Hood ethics do not overlap with the Great Commission.

The most loving thing Christians can do is reject the social gospel and preach the Biblical gospel to a lost world. The most loving things Christians can do is expose false teachers and their false teaching. While these Biblical mandates may be declared hateful by those committed to a social gospel, false teaching, and ecumenicalism, it is not. In Revelation 2:15 God declares his hatred of false teaching. A hatred for and not rallying around false teaching, (the social gospel, and ecumenicalism) is a hallmark of those that love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.