Tuesday December 10th 2019


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Mid - East Insights

Source: Art Sadlier, Sunday October 3rd 2010

Obama and his administration are totally preoccupied with the effort to obtain a Mid-East peace agreement. Obama seems obsessed with placating and pleasing the Arab world. Meanwhile, covered up by propaganda and misinformation there is much happening that is pushing Israel and the Mid-East to the brink of war.

Syria and Iran are anxious to sabotage the whole Obama peace process. Iran’s recent airlift of missiles to Syria has emboldened Syria. Two of Israel’s borders are seething with tension.  Hezbollah’s shooting of top ranking Israeli officers was an attempt to intimidate Israel on the northern border. Hezbollah also continues a military build up on the northern border. On the southern border Hamas keeps up a barrage of missile firings even as it continues to stockpile missiles and arms.

The reliable DEBKA-Net-Weekly has reported that the explosion which occurred on the Japanese oil tanker in the Straits of Hormuz was carried out by Iran as a warning that they can sink a ship in the Straits of Hormuz and shut off 40% of the world’s oil supply. DEBKA reported that an American ship in the Gulf dispatched three drone aircraft and crashed them into the dome of the Bushehr reactor, killing at least five workers. The whole event was covered up, but the Americans were delivering a message to Iran to think twice before any future adventures. DEBKA suggested that the cover up was to hide the American ineptness in the tanker incident and to veil Iran’s guilt in an attempt to prevent further escalation of the matter.

In a new development Hezbollah is striking US targets in Iraq. Evidently, the goal is  to open a southern front against Israel from Iraq.  As US troops pull out and as turmoil rises in the form of ethnic fighting among Iraqi’s, Hezbollah will repeat what they have done in Lebanon and establish another base in their war against Israel.

In another development several news agencies are reporting that Hezbollah is planning a coup against the government of Lebanon and will take control of the country.

A US military report states that Iran plans to seize southern Iraq and the oil fields located there. It seems clear that the Kurds will attempt to seize the northern parts of Iraq. All of this will take place will  take place while the Sunni’s and the Shiites are preoccupied in striving with each other for greater power.

The International Atomic Energy Agency reported last week that Iran has crossed a critical nuclear threshold, taking it nearer to being able to arm ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. DEBKA file has reported that some nuclear experts are now watching for Iran’s first nuclear test.

At the same time, Prime Minister Netanyahu has fallen strangely silent and seems to ready to yield to the PA demands. The answer may be found in the pressure and promises from President Obama. The US administration is focused on appeasing the PA and calming the Arab world. Netanyahu is focused on Iran and perhaps Obama’s promises to deal with Iran if Netanyahu goes along with him in his drive for a peace agreement.

In a further development a ranking Russian diplomat reports that war between North and South Korea is imminent.  We are living days of turmoil and rapid change in our world situation.

Could it be that Obama will bomb Iran prior to the fall elections?  This could potentially change the outcome of these elections,  allowing Obama to maintain control over the House and the Senate.  This would also help to save face if the peace process breaks down. It is known that many Arab states are worried over Iran and would welcome an American attack on her.

All of this is speculation based on the facts on the ground. We know from scripture the broad outline of the events of the end time scenario. We do not know all the twists and turns that may occur prior to the sound of the trumpet. We can see that the chess pieces can quickly be moved around on the board to conform to the prophetic scenario. We can discern that we are on a road where there is no turning back. We know that the trumpet is surely soon to sound. Are you ready?  Are you saved? If you are a believer will you be ashamed before Him at His coming? Now is the time to face these issues!