Sunday August 25th 2019

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An Incredible Double Standard

Source: Art Sadlier, Sunday September 26th 2010

The Western World has adopted an incredible double standard that, without divine intervention, would ultimately lead to the burial of the West by Islam.

In Sargodha, Pakistan, on September 23, a mob of Muslim extremists shot at and beat dozens of Christians.

In another news report we are told of that shocking attack against Pakistani Christians has taken place, this time by a group of unidentified Muslim men who attacked the Nasri Pentecostal Church in Shah Latif Town, Karachi. The unprovoked violence took place at around midnight on Saturday, September 18, 2010, when a group of men cut the locks of the church and then, once inside, went on an orgy of violence. They piled up Bibles, hymnals (including Books of the Psalms), and musical instruments and then set them on fire. They then fled the scene of their crime.

"A well-known Australian Muslim cleric has called for the beheading of Dutch anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders.”  The Netherlands' largest newspaper posted an English-language audio clip in which he refers to Wilders as "this satan, this devil, this politician in Holland" and explains that anyone who talks about Islam like Wilders does should be executed by beheading.

One website gives a monthly report on the violence carried on in the name of Muslim Jihad. For the month of August there were 196 reported Jihad attacks in 23 countries involving 5 religions, there were 811 dead bodies, and 1602 critically injured.

All of this incredible violence, and threats of violence, in the name of Islam is ignored by the mainstream media. One news commentator says, “If a proposed Quran burning generates international news and condemnation, isn't the call by an Australian-Muslim cleric for the beheading of a democratically elected European politician worthy of a few moments on the network nightly news?”

Offensive acts by non-Muslims provoke calls for sensitivity and understanding. Offensive acts by Muslims are treated with total indifference instead of denunciations.  The barbarous statements and acts of Muslim clerics and others called for in the name of Islam are tolerated without even a mention on the news.

Another commentator states, “Barbarity in the name of Islam is not even remotely condemned to the degree that the West condemns insensitivity by cartoonists, politicians, and anti-Islam clerics. Why? A denunciation of Muslim practices suggests a superiority of American values and culture. The left finds the very notion objectionable.”

Another quote reveals the further absurdity of our distorted thinking,  “How dare this pastor of some church-nobody-heard-of show insufficient respect for Islam, many of whose followers support a global jihad that demands replacement of all non-Islamic governments as well as the conversion of all to Islam by force if necessary?”

The scriptures teach that those who turn away from God and the truth of His Word are in danger of being given over to blindness and confusion. I am reminded of what Paul said in Romans 1:21-22, “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”.

The darkness is descending upon our society; the Day of God’s judgment is at hand.